You have until 8:00pm on Friday, February 3, 2023 to vote in the election to choose the names of four pieces of the snowplowing fleet.

Will the Street’s Division’s loader that is used in snowplowing be named Giannis Intent-to-Scoop-Snow in honor of the star Milwaukee Bucks basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Will the Engineering Division’s bike path plow be named Snow Pesci in honor of the movie star Joe Pesci?

Will the Streets Division’s quad axle brine truck be named Albert Brinestein in honor of the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein?

Will the Streets Division’s double-wing plow truck be honored with the name Pushy McDriftyflakes to continue in the long tradition of naming equipment in the style of Boaty McBoatface?

Your votes will decide it.

The election results are close enough where any name could still win if you vote and rally your friends, neighbors, social media followers, and co-workers to vote as well.

We’ve received nearly 3,000 votes for each piece of from the snowplowing fleet, and in the closest contest, the currently winning name only has a 38 vote lead over second place! Your vote is crucial in determining this outcome, so make your choices known and go vote today.

How to Vote
Wisconsin Salt Wise is hosting the election. Their website to vote is

Each piece of equipment has 15 candidate names (with the quad axle brine truck have 16 choices).

When you vote, you should select your top five favorite choices from the candidates for each piece of equipment.

More Information
For more information about the vehicles, and the election process, visit the Streets Division’s “Name These Plows” page.

For more information about Wisconsin Salt Wise and to learn more about how to use salt correctly, please visit their page

And, of course, to vote in this election head over to