The City of Madison Streets Division is happy to share we are testing a new map-based lookup for learning your collection schedules.

This new tool aims to make it easier for residents to find your yard waste and brush set out dates and cart schedules.

This will be especially useful for you this fall when looking up the dates to set out your leaves for curbside pickup if you’re not composting them or mulching them back into your lawn.

Where can I try the new system?
The new map-based tool can be found on the yard waste, brush, and collection schedule websites.

Click on the blue button that says “Try Lookup Map”.

How do I use the Lookup Map?
After you click on the blue “Try Lookup Map” button, you will first see a map of the entire City of Madison.

Type your address into the upper left hand corner of the map page, and it will zoom into your address.

Next, click the map to reveal the set out dates for yard waste and brush, and a link to the trash and recycling collection calendar for your home.

Also on the map page, you will find a set directions on the right hand side if you need more help.

Why test a new lookup system?
A common question we receive at the Streets Division is one from residents who have trouble entering their address into the lookup form on our yard waste, brush, and collection schedule websites.

To get the form to work, you have to separate your street name from the street type. Plus, there are many addresses in Madison that do not follow typical naming conventions, which adds a layer of complication.

With the tool we are testing, you enter your address the way you would in any other online map.

We hope this new system cures what has been a long-standing frustration for Madison residents looking for the schedules to use Streets Division services.

Your Feedback is Important
The new tool described above is something we are testing.

The usual form you have used for the last several years to obtain your collection schedule and set out dates is still available on the Streets Division websites.

If you choose to use the map lookup, we want to hear from you. Is it easier than the form? About the same? Did it work as expected? Are there things that could be better or clearer with the map? Let us know.

On the map lookup tool, there is a link in the sidebar for user feedback. We will certainly appreciate it.

Please note that the feedback link on the map tool is only intended for comments regarding the user experience of the map tool.

If you have questions or comments about collection services, for example, if you feel your yard waste collection was missed, please use the appropriate report-a-problem form at Operations managers receive report-a-problem messages so they can take the next steps to resolve those issues quickly.

Additional Information
More information about all of the Streets Division services can be found at