Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

With record setting low temperatures, City of Madison staff remain on duty assisting not only residents of Madison, but in one instance, residents of the small neighboring community of Brooklyn.

Madison Metro buses have continued their routes, at no cost to riders, and additionally have been literally life-savers for patrons of area day and overnight shelters as they transported people back and forth. Buses have also been in service at the City’s four transfer points for respite and for Fire personnel. Metro staff and vehicles assisted with two Madison fires and additionally, at a blaze in Brooklyn, keeping occupants of the buildings safe and sheltering firefighters in the bitter cold.

Free rides on Metro will continue throughout the day Thursday, January 31 with normal fares in effect on Friday, February 1.

Madison Water Utility staff have also been braving the elements. They have been called to more than 12 water main breaks since Tuesday. Those breaks affected over 100 households. Repairing water main breaks is wet, difficult work, generally taking four to six hours.

Earlier this morning, the Madison area reached a record setting low temperature for January 31 with a temperature of -26° F. We could see temperatures in the mid-40’s by Sunday, and that can bring a new set of problems, including additional water main breaks. If you suspect a break, please call (608) 266-4661 during business hours and (608) 266-4665 after-hours to report it immediately. Additional water related information is available at the Madison Water Utility website.

The rising temperatures will also result in melting snow and City staff have been actively clearing storm water inlets for the past two days and will continue to do so. Staff have asked residents to Adopt an Inlet. Please assist in removing snow from the storm drains near your home. The melting water and forecasted rain need a way to get off the streets to prevent flooding or additional ice. If you need assistance with a problematic drain, please call Engineering Operations at (608) 266-4430. For other flooding issues, call (608) 267-1199.
Updates on City services, including Snow Emergencies affecting downtown parking, can be found on the City website.