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Send suggestions to Submissions must be received by June 7, 2022.

Compactrick McCrunchface & Flatten O’Squishly? Squeezy-E & Makes Cubes? Ken Cramthings & Mangle’em Bialik? Darth Squasher & Emperor Pulvertine? (Shut Up, Wesley) Crusher & TrashKhaaaaaaan!? Swole John Oliver & Adam Driver?

The Streets Division is calling on Madison residents to help us name the newest climate change fighting pieces of equipment in our fleet.

Located at the east side drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore Ave, the Streets Division is now operating two fully electric compactors.

One compactor is for trash, and the other compactor is for recycling. The compactors are replacing two diesel-powered rear-loading vehicles at the site.

Why the Compactors Matter
While compactors may not be a headline-grabbing contribution to fighting emissions, this change has a significant impact.

By changing to electric compactors, the Streets Division will be saving 8 gallons of diesel fuel for every hour the drop-off sites are open.

This means in just one week, the electric compactors will save 356 gallons of diesel at the Sycamore drop-off site and preventing 8,000 pounds of C02 from being emitted.

This is an example of how small improvements can add up to big results.

How to Name a Compactor
Residents who wish to submit a name for the recycling and trash compactors please send us an email with your naming suggestions to

Your naming suggestions must be received by June 7, 2022.

Your puns, no matter how strained, are welcome.

Naming suggestions do not need to be in a thematic pair like the examples above. But, if you do have an idea for a pair of names, submit them both. If you can only come up with one clever name, submit that one. Have five or six names you’d like to be considered? Send them all.

From the list suggestions, a list of finalists for the trash compactor and the recycling compactor will be selected by city staff.

A final vote will be held where you will select from the finalists and choose the name of the trash compactor and the recycling compactor.

The final vote as well as the ultimate winning names will be announced at a later date once the submissions have been compiled.

Additional Information
For more information about the services provided at the Streets Division drop-off sites, as well as their hours and locations, please visit