Course Description

Module 3“Say What? Responding to Subtle Acts of Exclusion”

You know what a subtle act of exclusion is, and you know why they happen, but how do you respond? And what do you do when you slip up? In this interactive workshop, you will learn and practice ways to respond to subtle acts of exclusion from three perspectives: as the subject of an action, as the initiator, and as the observer.

Each Module is 90 minutes long and limited to 30 people per session, to allow for meaningful interaction and participation. Employees should read the MAC/WIC 2019 Workplace Climate Survey located on EMPLOYEENET prior to attending the workshops. It is recommended, but not required, that employees attend each module in order Module 1Module 2, & Module 3. 

This training was created by City of Madison employees in response to the 2019 MAC/WIC Workplace Climate Survey, and is a Department of Civil Rights production. For questions, contact: Kym Woodly at

Course Resources

Handout for Module 3