Course Description

Have you experienced a stressful, perhaps traumatic event in the workplace? As a supervisor or manager do you feel prepared to handle and support your staff through these abnormal events? Join us to learn more about critical incidents, how they present in the workplace, normal reactions your employees may experience, and your role as a supervisor. We will share resources, skills, and information to better prepare you for handling these events in a trauma-informed way that will leave your staff feeling supported and will provide a smoother transition back to normal operations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discussing what a critical incident looks like and how it impacts employees
  • Increasing awareness about supervisor’s/manager’s role in addressing the critical incident and supporting employees who were impacted
  • Learning about resources to assist when a critical incident occurs and how EAP will be involved in the response

Because this course is interactive, we request that you join from a computer or smart device. This course incorporates break-out sessions and we encourage your full participation in the virtual space.