Course Description

Everyone has biases and preferences that help us operate in the world. Implicit bias allows us to cognitively process complex information and assists us in many ways. How does that impact the way in which we see others and interact with people different from ourselves? How can we assure that we are honoring the brilliant complexity of our psychology and challenging where negative implicit biases may be taking root? Most importantly, how do we make change in ourselves and how can we challenge others to change when implicit bias may be stereotypical or negative? The course will cover the following objectives:

  • Define implicit bias and the cognitive functions that it stems from.
  • Learn skills to identify and impact their own implicit bias.
  • Recognize how their implicit biases are formed and shaped.
  • Learn basic communication tools for confronting bias.
  • Identify where participants have a role in their lives and in their work places to decrease stereotyped bias.