Course Description

Date: Monday, January 25, 2021
Time: 8:00 am -9:00 am


The City will have approximately 780 employees participating in Work-Share in late January through March 14, 2021. Join us for a Q&A session with HR staff to review what employees need to know about applying for Work-Share benefits and answer your questions. 

Please review City's Work-Share overview and questions prior to the session:


A recording of this session will be offered if you are unable to attend this virtual session. 

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By participating in the meeting, you are consenting to being recorded and consenting to this record being released to public record requestors who may see you, your home and your family members in the recording. You have the option to turn off your camera and participate with audio only.

  • Presented by: 
    Erin Hillson, HR OD Manager & Assisting HR DirectorJulie Trimbell, Interim HR Services ManagerTory Larson, HR AnalystTameaka Bryant, HR AnalystCarla Garces-Redd, HR OD Specialist
  • Recommended for: 
    All Employees
  • Subject Category: 
    City Policies & Practices