Course Description

Are you living a rich and joyful life despite the ups and downs which are often beyond your control? Being mentally well is not just luck, it takes practice to develop the skills to build resiliency and become emotionally intelligent. This work is done from the inside out and empowers you to be your best despite what external circumstances you face.

This 4-session course dives deep into the many components that contribute to our well-being: Self-Awareness, Stress Management, Human Connection & Conflict Management, Positive Psychology & Wellness. We’ll work together on skill building and encourage each other through group discussions. Please join us and make a plan to be well!

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will get a better understanding of resiliency, emotional intelligence, and happiness

  • Participants will bring awareness to their level of resiliency and emotional intelligence, identifying areas of improvement.

  • Participants will make a plan for how to improve their wellness, resiliency, and happiness.


Because this course is interactive, we recommend joining from a computer or smart device. Phone-only participation is not recommended.