Course Description

During Conflict Management, participants will have an opportunity to increase their self-awareness regarding their common styles to approaching and navigating conflict. Additionally, attendees will be encouraged to recognize different behaviors that they may engage in that lead to inadvertently increasing tension during a conflict. Finally, they will also be offered strategies and tools to defuse and resolve conflict in ways that honor their values, boundaries, and those of the other person involved. In spite of our focus being on the professional and collegial setting during the training, all of these skills are transferable to other contexts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increasing self awareness about one's personal style of managing conflict

  • Recognizing how different behaviors may increase tension
  • Exploring tools and strategies to successfully navigate conflict


Because this course is interactive, we request that you join from a computer or smart device. This course incorporates break-out sessions and we encourage your full participation in the virtual space.