Course Description

The March 15, 2023 session has been canceled due to upcoming staffing changes. Please keep an eye on our upcoming courses should future offerings become available. Thanks for your understanding! 

Burnout is a growing challenge for leaders and teams. Many employees are struggling with exhaustion, loss of confidence, and disengagement. But burnout is not just an individual problem, it’s a systems and leadership issue too. This session focuses on workplace culture and leadership factors that contribute to burnout. This course is not a lecture; most of your time will be in small and large group discussion to analyze strategies for improving our workplace.

Note: If you are having a personal struggle with burnout, you are not alone. Consider reaching out to the Employee Assistance Program or their external partner, FEI Workforce Resilience for free, confidential support.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define burnout
  • Describe six common causes of employee burnout
  • Discuss leadership actions that contribute to workplace vitality