Page organization is critical to helping your users access the information they need.

Each page should follow a structure as if you were writing a Word document. Headings should provide a clear outline of the page’s content.

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Headings are one of the most important ways you can guide your users through your content. Web users tend to scan content. Well-organized page headings will help your users identify the most relevant information.

Always put headings in a sequential/hierarchical order. Don’t skip headings. Use different levels of headings to show hierarchy in your content.

  1. On the City of Madison website,
  2. You should always start with a Heading 3 within your webpage content. The site name and page title are a Heading 1 and 2, respectively.


Most Important Content First – Inverted Pyramid

Put the most important information first. Follow it with background information later on the page. Put the main idea before exceptions and conditions.