The first major storm of the winter season is well behind us, but there are still several important things to be done to stay safe.

Many fire hydrants are still buried in snow and ice. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please dig it out so that firefighters can access the hydrant in case of a fire emergency.  The firefighters would appreciate about a 3-foot radius for easy and speedy accessibility.  Let's not forget about the "adopt a fire hydrant" program: if there's a hydrant in your neighborhood that's still buried, helping to dig it out is not only the neighborly thing to do, but that could be the hydrant that's used to save your home, even if it's not technically on your property. 

Another solid tip is to ensure your furnace vents are clear of snow and ice.  A clogged furnace vent can create a dangerous situation, as the clog can cause a backup of toxic carbon monoxide in your home.

Lastly, make sure your neighbors are well taken care of.  Elderly and other populations in need of assistance could use your help, ensuring that they, too, have a safe winter season.


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