This is a common question that many fire departments receive.

The Madison Fire Department is staffed by firefighters, paramedics and fire officers who work 24-hour shifts.  A typical shift includes training, fire safety inspections, firehouse tours, checking the trucks and equipment, cleaning the station, shoveling the sidewalks, mowing the grass and responding to emergencies.

The members of the crew prepare and eat their meals at the fire station during their shift.  At least one person or cook is in charge of preparing the meal and shopping for the groceries.  The cook and crew decide on a menu and each crew member contributes some cash (about $10 each) to purchase groceries. The crews go to the store together to keep the response resources together in case there is an emergency. 

After the morning duties are completed, the crew will go to the grocery store.  The crew and truck are available for emergencies and receive calls from the dispatch center on their radios.  Firefighters often leave a cart full of groceries in the aisle while they respond to an emergency.  After the emergency is handled, they return to the store to finish their shopping.

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