Every year, more people die from fires at home than in any other setting. We can no longer turn a blind eye to this problem, especially since the solution exists.

That solution is home fire sprinklers.

Nothing—not even smoke alarms—has the power to save lives like a fire sprinkler. This technology is designed to quickly react to a fire, and it typically extinguishes home fires before the fire department’s arrival.

Research by the National Fire Protection Association proves that fire sprinklers cut the risk of dying in home fires by an astounding 80 percent. By comparison, smoke alarms only reduce this risk by half.

It’s commonly believed that smoke from burnt food will set them off, or if one sprinkler activates during a fire, the rest will activate. These are only myths. Furthermore, fire sprinklers account for about one to two percent of a home’s total construction cost. You’re likely to pay more for granite countertops.

To protect your family and home, look for housing that already has fire sprinklers. If you’re building a new home, ask your builder to install fire sprinklers. It’s a small investment that could ultimately save your life.

--Steven A. Davis, City of Madison Fire Chief

Learn more about home fire sprinklers at homefiresprinkler.org. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #HomeFireSprinklerDay.

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