Today marks the beginning of Recruit Class 5 at the Madison Fire Department.
A total of 20 recruits were hired from a pool of over 1,600 applicants. These candidates went through a written (video-based) exam followed by a series of interviews with community members, department members, and the Fire Chief. Lastly, they all passed a physical ability test (PAT) to ensure they will be able to perform the very demanding physical tasks this job requires.
Over the next 16 weeks, recruits will learn firefighting and EMS skills that will set them on a path toward providing the best possible service to our community.
It's always an exciting time when new people join the department. As you will see over the coming weeks, this class of 20 has the character to provide a vital community service while maintaining the fundamental core values of the organization: Honesty, Integrity, Care, and Compassion. We as an organization hold each member to the highest standard of these values.
You will get to meet these individuals through our blog in the coming weeks. For now, however, they are learning what it takes to be a successful firefighter in the Madison Fire Department. 
I look forward to seeing them in the streets, serving you, for many years to come.
Steven Davis
Fire Chief

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