Beginning July 1, 2015 the City of Madison Fire Department will deliver service to two townships in Dane County. 
The Town of Blooming Grove has contracted with the City of Madison to provide fire, prevention, and EMS to its citizens. Discussions regarding transitional planning for when the Town of Blooming Grove becomes part of the City of Madison began in 2013. "The Town of Blooming Grove and City of Madison Cooperative Plan" will be fully executed in 2027 with large township attachments occurring in the years prior. 
96 of our firefighters underwent 192 hours of training in Blooming Grove to prepare for this transition. In addition to familiarizing themselves with the streets, neighborhoods, and overall territory, firefighters familiarized themselves with techniques that will best cater to the unique complexities of the township. They also trained on rural water movement with the help of the Truax, McFarland, and Sun Prairie fire departments.
My compliments go to the elected officials and town management for having the foresight to address the issues prior to the sunset of the Town of Blooming Grove. Negotiations took place over the last few months that would allow the Town to pay the City for the service.  The Town residents’ only condition was that the City provide the same great services they have come to know from Blooming Grove. I think the residents of Blooming Grove will find that the services will be to their standards or above.
The dissolving of the Town of Blooming Grove Fire Department leaves a hole in emergency medical coverage for residents in the Town of Burke. The City of Madison has negotiated a deal with the Town of Burke to provide EMS coverage. The City of Sun Prairie will continue to provide fire protection and prevention to Town of Burke residents.  The contract with the Town of Burke also goes into effect on July 1.
As Fire Chief, I am honored and privileged to lead an organization that will continue to provide great service to the residents and visitors in these two townships.

Steve A. Davis, Fire Chief

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