Madison Fire Emergency Medical Services continues to use technology to streamline administrative processes, improve service to our patients, and deliver training for our EMTs and Paramedics.

MFD is using EMS reporting software that allows us to integrate with hospitals and insurance companies alike, streamlining communication and time spent on administrative tasks.  In addition the software supports a quality assurance program, while complying with all privacy laws.   All MFD rigs have mobile devices that interface with the reporting software and allow EMS personnel to begin documentation as the incident unfolds, thus increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Technology is helping MFD to meet the requirements of essential training, while keeping emergency vehicles and their crews in their area of service and available to respond to calls.  A learning platform called iTrain allows educators to post interactive lessons and videos, as well as tests of knowledge so that it can be accessed in-station by EMTs and Paramedics.  Polycom allows live training to be broadcast from one location to sixteen others simultaneously. 

The Department just received delivery of three simulation manikins that will allow students to complete patient assessments and provide treatments in a safe, realistic way.  The manikins are shared with Dane County EMS.

MFD is poised to "go live" with its telemetry technology which allows Paramedics to send EKGs to hospital emergency departments.  Telemetry allows physicians to see the EKG long before the ambulance arrives, so life-saving treatment can be expedited.

Steven A. Davis, Fire Chief

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