It’s time to move back.
On November 30, 2015 the Madison Fire Department will be moving back into Fire Station #1. The crews have been displaced since January of 2015 due to a reconstruction of the facility. 
When the vehicles and people move back, they will be absent an ambulance. 
Over the last year, the fire department has studied resource location and allocation to the city residents.  We have found that we are providing better coverage citywide by placing an ambulance at Station #3 on Williamson Street and an ambulance at Station #4 on Monroe Street. 
For example, Medic 1 (formerly based at Station #1 on Dayton St.) was our busiest ambulance in 2013, responding to 3,189 calls. Meanwhile, Medic 9 (formerly based at Station #9 on Midvale Blvd.) responded to 1,858.
As of October 2015, Medic 1 has responded to 2,134 calls from Williamson Street; Medic 9 has responded to 2,040 calls from Monroe Street.
This was an unintended but beneficial consequence of the temporary station relocation.
The Fire Department is constantly reviewing the amount of calls citywide, as well as the time it takes for our first unit to arrive on the scene of a 911 call. We are committed to a constant review and do not hesitate to allocate resources where needed. 
As of now, the data show that we provide better coverage for the city by maintaining the ambulances at Stations 3 and 4.

Steven Davis
Fire Chief

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