911 Center Update

In a reaction to recent displeasures from Dane County emergency providers, County Executive Joe Parisi ordered 911 Center Director John Dejung to implement a "pre-alerting" procedure that would alert fire units to structure fires, outside fires, car fires, and special rescue situations. 

The 911 Center Board has oversight of major decisions in the 911 Communications Center for Dane County.  Pre-alerting had been studied over the past year by a sub-committee of the Center Board.  There are several options to provide pre-alerting, and this sub-committee had been tasked with researching and determining the best method for Dane County.  The pre-alerting sub-committee has recommended a model with which to move forward. 

I am happy to announce that pre-alerting will start on May 5, 2014.  The program will notify the appropriate agency of a fire prior to launching the fire protocols.  Meanwhile, staff members from the 911 Center and emergency providers in the County have been working closely in recent weeks to determine the correct data to review.  It is very important that all the agencies involved are on the same page when reviewing information regarding call taking, dispatch, and response times. 

This is an encouraging step toward quality emergency service delivery.  

Chief Davis

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