Last Updated: 12/15/2021

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12/15/2021 Update:

This project is complete.

Project Overview

City utility improvements and street construction continue within the Sunset Village and Sunset Hills neighborhood with the final phase beginning in 2021. The improvement projects began in 2014.

The project includes the reconstruction of Hillcrest Drive (Westmorland Boulevard to Larkin Street, Standish Ct (Hammersley Avenue to Hillcrest Drive), Alden Drive (Hammersley Avenue to Hillcrest Drive), and the resurfacing of Standish Ct (Hillcrest Drive to the cul-de-sac). Standish Ct and Alden Drive south of Hillcrest Dr will be reconstructed with new asphalt pavement, gravel base, and curb gutter. Hillcrest Dr will be reconstructed with new asphalt pavement, gravel base, and adding or replacing curb and gutter. The sidewalk along Hillcrest Drive will remain and spot replaced as necessary. Sidewalk will not be added along the north side of Hillcrest Dr, or along Standish Ct or Alden Dr. The project will install sanitary sewer and water main in the street along Standish Ct and Alden Dr and replace the outdated utilities in the rear of the lots. Sanitary sewer and water main will be replaced along Hillcrest Dr. Storm sewer will be added throughout the project to convey storm water from the street and away from properties. Street lighting will not be added with the project. Construction will begin early July 2021 and be completed in late October 2021.

Residents who would like to make modifications to their driveway and parking area on their property will first need to contact City zoning and submit a plan for approval (Jenny Kirchgatter, 266-4429 or Once approved, provide a copy of the approved plan to the project engineer. Driveway aprons and curb cuts to serve driveway changes will not be installed with the project unless a site plan is approved through City zoning.

It may be possible to make slight modifications to the driveway apron and curb cut with the project, provided that the request meets the requirements of the ordinances. To request these changes, please fill out a Residential Driveway form (obtained from City Engineering office) and return to the project engineer.

2020 Map

Underground Utility Replacement

Existing sanitary sewer and water main were installed in the early 1940’s. Both of these facilities are having maintenance issues and are undersized per City standards. The City is proposing to install new mains in all areas highlighted in the 7 year construction map.

Backyard Sanitary and Water Service Relocation

In specific locations, sanitary sewer mains and water mains were installed behind homes. In these locations, private fences, outbuildings and landscaping have made it difficult for City crews to maintain the utilities. City Engineering and City Water Utility are proposing to install larger mains within the roadway right-of-way during street improvements. This work will require property owners to relocate their sanitary sewer and water main services from the back of their homes to the front of their homes. As part of this required work, the City of Madison will reimburse property owners for a portion of the work under the City’s plumbing conversion with sewer relocation funding policy and under the Madison Water Utility service replacement reimbursement policy for water service relocation of a 50/50 cost share up to $1,500 of total cost.

Read the original plumbing conversion policy adapted by the Common Council.

Revised 2021 sanitary sewer lateral reimbursement rate table

Backyard Sanitary Sewer & Water Main Relocation map

Assessment Policy

Street Assessments

Standard Items for streets with existing drive aprons, sidewalks and curb and gutter:

  • Driveways and sidewalk – 50/50 share between City and property owner
  • Curb and Gutter – 50/50 share between City and property owner

Streets without curb and gutter or sidewalk:

  • Driveways – 50/50 share between City and property owner
  • Street – curb and gutter and four (4) feet of pavement, 100% assessed to adjacent property owner
  • Sidewalk - 100% assessed to adjacent property owner

Sewer Assessments

Sanitary sewer reconnections and lateral replacement will be shared 75% City cost and 25% property owner cost.

Storm sewer private connections: If a property owner would like a direct connection to the existing (or proposed) storm sewer during a construction project, 100% of the cost is paid by the property owner. If a property owner would like to request a connect, please notify City Engineering staff member, Kyle Frank,  (608) 266-4098.

Assessment Estimates and Billing: Preliminary assessments will be mailed to property owners with hearing notice for the project approval at a Board of Public Works meeting. These assessments are estimates as a maximum assessment. Final billing of the assessments will be the year following construction (usually September or October). Property owners will have options of paying the assessments in whole or over an eight (8) year period at the City’s interest rate, 2021's rate is 2 percent.

Estimated Assessments

  • Driveway apron replacement: $2,000
  • Sidewalk replacement: $1,000
  • Streets with new curb & gutter (estimated 60 feet of lot frontage at $60 per foot of curb and gutter and street): $3,600
  • Street with existing curb & gutter (estimated replacement of 30 feet of curb and gutter at $25 per foot): $750
  • Sanitary assessments (includes connect to new sanitary sewer main and service lateral to right-of-way line): $3,000

Assessment Loan Requirements

Project Limits

Hillcrest Drive (Westmorland Boulevard to Larkin Street
Standish Ct (Hammersley Avenue to the cul-de-sac)
Alden Drive (Hammersley Avenue to Hillcrest Drive)

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates and times are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

Feb. 16, 2021 Public Information Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
Feb. 16, 2021 Public Information Meeting Recording

City Meetings, Process

Anticipated schedule; dates are subject to change
Board of Public Works: March 17, 2021
Common Council: March 30, 2021