Please contact us if:

  • You want to submit a written comment for this meeting
  • You have handouts for committee members
  • You need interpretation, translation, or accommodations
  • You need help with this form
If you need to leave the meeting early for health, scheduling, or childcare reasons, you can speak during Early Public Comment.
Representation & Lobbying

If you are being paid for your representation, or if your appearance is part of other paid duties, please be advised that:

  1. Before you engage in lobbying as a lobbyist, you or your principal must file an authorization with the City Clerk.
  2. Your principal is not permitted to authorize you to lobby unless you are registered with the City Clerk.
  3. Your principal must file expense statements with the City Clerk for the remainder of the calendar year regardless of the amount spent on lobbying.

For more information, please view the Lobbyist page or visit the Clerk’s Office at the City-County Building, Room 103.

Contact Information
If you intend to call in to the meeting, this must match the phone number you use to call, or we will not be able to recognize you to speak. Example: (608) 555-5555