Sandbag Collection Ending for 2018

Monday, November 26, 2018 - 9:59am

Residents should not place additional sandbags to the curb for pickup at this time. The deadline to place sandbags to the curb for pickup was November 25.

Collection crews will cycle through the City picking up sandbags that were placed to the curb prior to the November 25 deadline. Once this final sweep through the flood zone areas is complete, crews and equipment will be reassigned to other priorities.

Residents with sandbags in need of disposal can do one of the following:

  • Store sandbags for future use. If the property was at risk of flooding during the summer of 2018, it may be at risk again.
  • Cut open sandbags and spread the sand on your property. Throw the empty bags in the tan refuse cart. Do not place full sandbags into the tan refuse or green recycling containers.
  • Return sandbags to 4141 Nakoosa Trail (the old Cub Foods location). Sandbag collection sites in parks have been cleared. The site at Nakoosa will remain available through the winter.

Residents will have another opportunity for curbside collection in the spring of 2019. The start of the spring collection period is weather dependent and will be announced when that date is known.

Additional information about flood event of 2018 can be found at