Our Citizen Advisory Process

Every year, Madison Water Utility oversees a variety of major public works initiatives aimed at providing safe, reliable drinking water for every family and business in Madison, as well as adequate fire protection. It's vital for our community to become involved in these projects by getting detailed information and giving feedback directly to our engineers, board members and lawmakers.

How It Works

If you're interested in one of our projects, you can be involved as much or as little as you choose. Some community members might attend every public meeting, offer continuous feedback and input, even testify before the Water Board and Common Council. Others may choose to give input electronically only, via email and online surveys. And some might choose to simply follow a project's progess by signing up for email updates.

The First Step

If you find a Madison Water Utility project that you're interested in, sign up for project email updates though the My City of Madison email subscription page, or email water@madisonwater.org. You'll be notified about public meetings and get meeting notes, planning documents, design drawings, online surveys and photos. You'll also get contact information for the engineer overseeing the project, so you can ask questions and give input at every step along the way.

For a detailed look at our approach to public participation, take a look at MWU's Citizen Advisory Process, adopted in 2014 by the Common Council.