Quarry Park Trail Usage Plan

Last Updated: 01/04/2017

The City of Madison will be implementing a new trail usage plan at Quarry Park! The intent of the plan is to minimize conflicts and prevent accidents between slower-moving pedestrian use and faster-paced bicycle use on the trails at the park.  What this will look like at the park is still evolving, but will include
signs posted at key intersections, possible trail blazes to indicate the various use areas at the park, and eventually a trailhead kiosk(s) with a park trails map.

Following a robust public meetings process that began in December 2015, a Friends of Quarry Park group comprised of members of the Rocky Bluff Neighborhood Association, CORP and others with interest in the ongoing management and decision-making at the park has been formed.  This group will coordinate requests for changes to the trails or new features and work days with City of Madison Parks staff.  Work requests coming from the Friends of Quarry Park will be reviewed by Parks staff on an annual basis in February of the year prior to implementation.

The Friends of Quarry Park have continued to review & refine the plan, with the most-recent updates reflected on this version:  8.23.16_Friends of Quarry update.pdf Background on the project:  The City of Madison held its first public input meeting regarding the project in December 2015, partnering with the Rocky Bluff Neighborhood Association (RBNA) to present at its regular meeting.  At that session, Parks staff gathered a list of attendees willing to participate in a working group that further developed a usage plan for the park. The working group met at a series of meetings in January-March to create a draft map that was presented to the neighborhood on April 25, 2016. Following this meeting, a series of comments suggested that an additional public meeting to review and discuss the trails usage plan would be useful.  This meeting was held on June 13, 2016 once again partnering with the RBNA to present the plan before its regular meeting.  Feedback received at this meeting and until July 2016 was used to make additional changes as necessary to the plan moving forward. 

Information on the park, including future volunteer days and other events will be posted to the City of Madison Parks website and Parks Facebook page.

Proposed Quarry Park Trails Usage Plan
Below is a summary of the meetings along with the exhibit that were presented at each
Public Input Meeting, December 14, 2015
Proposed Quarry Park Usage Plan
Quarry Park Public Input Meeting Notes

Public Input Meeting, April 25, 2016
Quarry Park Trails Usage Plan PIM Notes.pdf
4.25.16_Draft Quarry Park Trails Usage Plan.pdf

Update to the Quarry Park Trails Usage Plan
At the public meeting on 4/25/16, several members of the working group pointed out omissions to the map that were discussed previously. The updated version, below, reflects these comments and was sent to meeting attendees on April 28, 2016.
4.28.16_Draft Quarry Park Trails.pdf

Quarry Park Trails Usage Plan Review, June 13, 2016
6.13.16_Quarry Park Trails FOR REVIEW.pdf
Quarry Park Trails Review PIM Notes.pdf

All questions and comments regarding the Quarry Park trails usage plan should be directed to Kate Kane, Landscape Architect, at kkane@cityofmadison.com or (608) 261-9671