Northland Manor Park Tennis Court Relocation - Project: 2019 Northland Manor Park Tennis Court Construction

Last Updated: 03/18/2019

Parks will be relocating and rebuilding the tennis courts at Northland Manor Park in 2019

The comment period to provide input on the project closed on February 22, 2019.  As a result of the input obtained prior to, during, and following the public meeting and in consultation with District 18 Alder Kemble, the master plan amendment showing the tennis courts relocated to the S/W corner of the park and the backstop at the N/W corner moved forward as a proposed amendment to the park's master plan at the Board of Park Commissioners meeting on 3/13.  At the meeting the Board voted to approve the master plan amendment as shown, below:

Parks anticipates that the existing tennis courts will be demolished in spring 2019 by Parks Construction staff and that the contract to construct the new courts will be advertised for bid in summer 2019, with work on the project beginning in later summer 2019 and into fall.  The backstop at the park will be rebuilt at the N/W corner (under separate contract) following demolition of the courts.

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane ( or (608) 261-9671) if you have any questions about the project.

A public input meeting to discuss the project was held February 11, 2019 at Gompers Elementary School library.  Meeting notices were sent to all addresses within 1/4 mile radius of the park as well as posted to Parks social media accounts, as a City of Madison news item, and shared with District 18 Alder Rebecca Kemble.

Materials from the meeting can be found by following the links, below.  At the meeting, Parks staff provided a brief history of the tennis courts at the park, discussed site opportunities and constraints and answered questions from attendees about the project.  Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, attendees were asked to vote on one of two options (shown below and at the meeting as Option A and Option B).  These options would either: replace the park's backstop at the S/W corner of the park following demolition of the existing tennis courts but remove tennis as an amenity at the park (Option A) OR keep tennis at Northland Manor Park following the demolition of the existing courts but relocate the courts to the S/W corner of the park - the park's backstop would in turn be relocated to the N/W corner (Option B).  At the meeting, the overwhelming preference was for Option B.  The results of the board voting from the meeting can also be found by following the links, below.


Historic aerial images from the late 1930s-early 1950s show that the northwest corner of the park where the courts are presently located was once an open body of water prior to the parcel becoming public park property.  Recent soil borings in the area confirm that the subgrade in this area of the park is consistent with a pond or water body that was filled in with organic material.  The semi-frequent sink holes that have opened in the court surface since their construction in 1975 confirm that this location is less-than-ideal for large paved areas within the park.