Northland Manor Park Tennis Court Relocation - Project: 2019 Northland Manor Park Tennis Court Construction

Last Updated: 01/09/2019

Parks is proposing to relocate and rebuild the tennis courts at Northland Manor Park in 2019!

Northland Manor tennis in summer 2018
Northland Manor tennis courts in summer 2018

UPDATE: Parks met with District 18 Alder Kemble to discuss the project and a public meeting will be held in February 2019 to discuss the project - please check back to this site for meeting date, time and location. 

The plan, below, further describes some of the constraints at the site including updated utility locations including the storm and sanitary sewer lines that bisect the property - these will be discussed at the public input meeting together with proposed options.

Northland Manor Park site constraints.pdf

Historic aerial images from the late 1930s-early 1950s show that the northwest corner of the park where the courts are presently located was once an open body of water prior to the parcel becoming public park property!  Recent soil borings in the area confirm that the subgrade in this area of the park is consistent with a pond or water body that was filled in with organic material.  The semi-frequent sink holes that have opened in the court surface since their construction in 1975 confirm that this location is less-than-ideal for large paved areas within the park.  Aerial images of the property are included, for reference, below:

 As such, Parks is proposing to relocate the courts to the immediate south of their present location (favoring the corner of Northland Drive and School Road), and rebuilding the backstop to the N/W corner - essentially swapping the locations for these amenities.  A proposed plan showing the relocations areas can be seen in the attachment, below:

Parks will be sending postcard notifications to all residents within a 1/4 mile radius of the park in February 2019 describing the project and the intent to have Parks Construction staff demolish the existing courts in March 2019 in advance of bidding the project to rebuild the courts in late summer 2019.

You are invited to provide comments or send questions regarding the project to Project Manager Kate Kane at or (608) 261-9671.