Galaxy and North Star Park Expansion Master Planning

Last Updated: 10/08/2018

New Master Plan Designs Have Been Chosen for Galaxy Park and North Star Park Expansion!
City staff held a second and final public input meeting for the Camar (now known as Galaxy) Park and North Star Expansion Master Plan as part of the North Star Park Neighborhood Association's (hereafter to be referred to by its new name, North Star Park Neighborhood Association) at its annual meeting.

At the meeting, attendees were able to vote from between two design options for Galaxy Park and North Star Park Expansion.  The Galaxy Park Master Plan was approved at the Board of Park Commissioners meeting on June 13, 2018. The North Star Expansion Park Master Plan and Report was approved at the Board of Park Commissioners meeting on July 11, 2018.

Materials from the second meeting held on 4/11/2018 are available, below, and materials from the first session and follow-up survey can be found by scrolling down this page.

Several attendees at the session also expressed interest in the possibility of re-naming Camar Park - which can certainly be done and can accompany the preferred master plan at the Board of Parks Commissioners session for review & approval.  The recommended method to move a candidate name forward would be to discuss and build consensus among neighborhood residents through neighborhood association newsletter or email and/or via poll on Next Door (or similar) listserv.  Communicating the candidate names to District 3 Alder Amanda Hall is also recommended.  The Park Naming Policy adopted by the Board of Park Commissioners in 2009 is also included, below for reference.

As part of the master planning process, Parks issued an online and hardcopy survey to residents within a 1/2 mile radius of the park in early January 2018. Below are the results of the online and hardcopy survey.

Public Input Meeting One
Monday, December 4, 2017
City of Madison Fire Station #13
6350 Town Center Drive
Madison, WI 53718

Parks staff held a public meeting on Public Input Meeting on December 4th to discuss the Camar Park and North Star Park Expansion Master Plan.  At the session, attendees reviewed opportunities at each of the new park sites, answered questions regarding their preferences and priorities for items to include in the parks and worked as groups to place amenities on a scaled plan for the sites.

Materials from this session can be found at the links, below. 

In 2014,3.47 acres of public parkland were dedicated to the City of Madison as part of the Grandview Commons development.  This undeveloped parcel is now Camar Park but needs input from the surrounding (and rapidly growing) neighborhood regarding the specific amenities to be located at the park.

Previously developed North Star Park, located just to the south of the Camar Park parcel, was expanded by several acres in 2014 - offering new opportunities for amenities at this location as well.   With both of these exciting additions to the Madison Parks system, it is now time to master plan Camar Park and the North Star Park expansion!  The planning process for both locations will follow the City of Madison Master Plan Policy.pdf. Parks staff will hold at least two public input meetings and issue an online survey to gather input from the community on the future of the Parks. Once the Master Plans have been developed with input from the neighborhood, the plans will go to the Board of Park Commissioners for approval.