2017 Parks Division Landscaping - Contract: 2017 Parks Division Landscaping #7879

Last Updated: 11/09/2018

Work is complete on the spring and early summer installations at Cherokee, Lerdahl, O.B. Sherry, Washington Manor and Waunona Parks under Public Works contract #7879 held by Dan Larsen Landscaping, Inc. 

Fall installation of shrubs and small trees will occur at Sugar Maple Park following completion of the park's master plan development.

Below is a picture of the recently completed Waunona Park signature sign completed under the contract!

The contract to install perennial plants, shrubs, trees and landscaping beds under the 2017 Parks Division Landscaping contract was advertised for bid in January 2017 and was awarded to Dan Larsen Landscaping, Inc. of Cedarburg, WI who submitted the lowest qualified bid of $38,056.00  Work on this contract began the week of June 12, 2017 and all installations will be completed by fall 2017. 

Maintenance of the plantings at all sites will continue through December 1, 2018.

Each year the City of Madison installs landscaping including but not limited to tree, shrub and perennial plants as part of annual parks landscaping contracts. 

In 2017, these projects include a variety of type of landscaping installations as outlined below:

General and Native Landscaping
The City will be installing landscaping at the following project sites:

  • Cherokee Park (landscaping / screening canoe/kayak storage racks)
  • Glenway Golf Course (screening improved oil recycling shed constructed by City of Madison Engineering)
  • Lerdahl Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • OB Sherry Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • Sugar Maple Park (installing new shrubs in fall 2017 as part of overall development of the new park)
  • Waunona Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)
  • Washington Manor Park (signature sign improvement and replanting)