Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 2:17pm

Above-Freezing Temps Pose Dangers For Anglers, Others Enjoying the Lakes

A forecasted warm-up is expected to bring 50-degree weather to our area Friday, and daytime highs will likely remain in the mid- to upper-40s throughout the weekend.
The Madison Fire Department reminds everyone that these above-freezing temperatures could pose a danger to anyone planning to spend time on Madison’s frozen lakes.
“Sunshine on the ice in addition to warmer temperatures will have a synergistic effect, and melting can occur very quickly,” says Madison Fire Department Central District Captain Nathan Franke.
The Madison lakes are a chain through which the Yahara River flows, so the water is always moving. Special caution is required at narrowing points such as channel entrances, openings, bridges, and for several hundred feet from where open water can be seen.
Ice travelers should carry ice safety picks, like those pictured right, to be used in the event of a breakthrough. Always tell someone of plans to be on the ice, and carry a cell phone in case of emergency.
The temperature on Friday is anticipated to be twice as warm as Monday, February 15, when a man fell through the ice at Lake Waubesa and summoned the help of the MFD Lake Rescue Team.
If curing cabin fever this weekend by enjoying the lakes, please do so safely from the scenic shoreline.