Statement of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin on Cab Company Operations Following ARmed Robberies Involving Drivers

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 9:47am

Over the past few days, Madison cab drivers have been the victims of violent armed robberies in various locations throughout the City. As a result, to protect their drivers, one of the companies has suspended some of their operations. Although this suspension is technically a violation of City ordinances that require cab companies to provide service 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, I support the suspension. The safety of the drivers is of utmost importance.

I know that Madison police officers are diligently working to apprehend the perpetrators of the attacks, on the cab drivers and others. Until these individuals are arrested, the ordinance will not be enforced. None of our local cab companies will be required to provide service if they are concerned for the safety of their drivers.


  • Katie Crawley608-266-4611