The City of Madison Streets and Engineering Divisions and Wisconsin Salt Wise’s contest to name four pieces of the City’s snowplowing fleet ends at 8:00pm on Friday, February 3.

The election is at

The finalist names have something for everyone. From classic television (Deputy Briney Fife) to local legends (Aldo Leocold) to sports stars (Giannis Intent-to-Scoop-Snow) to the just plain weird (Pennyfarthing McChuckalot).

Over 2,200 votes have been received so far! This is great, but we can do better. As with all elections, turnout is key. You have just one week left to rally your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and social media followers to vote for these plow names.

About the Election
This is a ranked choice election. This means you should rank your top five choices for the plow names.

The way ranked choice works is that the first choice of all the ballots is counted. If a candidate receives a majority of the votes during then the election is over and the candidate that receives the majority is the winner.
If no candidate receives a majority, then the ranked choice process begins.

The candidate with the lowest first choice totals is eliminated. The votes from the eliminated candidate are then distributed to the next ranked choice on those ballots.
The process repeats itself until a candidate receives a majority of support.

If process narrows the available candidates to two names, and neither of them have a majority of the votes, then the candidate with the most votes at this final phase will be declared the winner.

About Wisconsin Salt Wise
Wisconsin Salt Wise is a coalition of several organizations with the goal to reduce salt pollution in our water. Their website has numerous resources for both homeowners and winter maintenance professions to be sure you are using salt correctly in the winter months. Their web address is .

Additional Information
More information about City of Madison winter operations can be found at