Friday, October 26, 2007 - 10:13am

Madison - Today, Mayor Dave Cieslewicz,took the Mpower Pledge, promising to do his part to address the issue of global climate change. Mpowering Madison is a communitywide effort for families, organizations and businesses to reduce citywide emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a harmful greenhouse gas, by 100,000 tons by 2011.

Individuals who take the Mpower Pledge can commit to a number of actions, such as buying renewable energy, improving energy efficiency, and reducing car emissions. Business and residents can visit to sign-up and commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"We all have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our community," said Mayor Cieslewicz. "Businesses, families and government can all do their part. In addition to a number of initiatives that City government is undertaking, I am personally signing the pledge today, to do my part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Madison."

"MGE applauds the City's leadership in setting forth this community challenge. As one of the partners, we are pleased that citizens who want to meet this challenge will be able to help contribute through our renewable energy and energy efficiency programs," said Gary J. Wolter, President and CEO of Madison Gas and Electric Company.

The community-wide component of Mpowering Madison calls for Madison-area businesses and residents to reduce CO2 emissions through the following strategies:

• Purchase renewable energy.

• Increase the efficient use of electricity and natural gas.

• Install solar systems installed for electricity and hot water generation in homes and businesses.

• Reduce automobile emissions through programs such as ride-sharing, riding Madison Metro, Community Car, biking and walking.

• Plant trees. One tree will absorb 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime.

• Conserve water.

The City of Madison component of Mpowering Madison calls for City government to reduce its CO2 "footprint" 25% by 2011, to eliminate 15,000 tons of CO2, through the following strategies:

• Increase the energy efficiency of City facilities and use green building techniques, reducing natural gas and electricity consumption.

• Purchase more energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar, and install renewable energy systems on City properties.

• Increase fuel efficiency and biofuels in the City's fleet of vehicles.

"Becoming and Mpowering Partner is an opportunity for all of us to do our part locally to protect our environment, health and economic vitality while contributing to a desirable global future," said Sherrie Gruder, UW-Extension Specialist and chair of Madison's Sustainable Design and Energy Committee. "Just like with recycling, you can make a difference; your actions count."

Mpowering Madison is a collaborative venture that includes the City of Madison, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), University of Wisconsin, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Dane County United, Citizens Utility Board, RENEW Wisconsin, Clean Wisconsin, Sierra Club, Madison Area Clean Energy Coalition, and Sustain Dane.


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