The Metro Paratransit fare structure includes a provision for an agency fare. An agency fare is charged to an appropriate social service or other agency which has responsibility for client transportation. An agency is an organization that serves persons who qualify for human service or transportation-related programs or services due to disability, income, or advanced age consistent with presidential Executive Order on Human Service Transportation Coordination.

Agencies may have responsibility to cover the cost of transportation. Rather than a paratransit passenger paying the passenger fare of $3.25 per trip, an agency fare is paid by the agency on behalf of the passenger. If you are working with an agency, the agency can provide agency tickets for your paratransit rides so no out-of-pocket expense is necessary. Ask your agency for more details if you believe you qualify.

2023 Agency Fare: $34.25
2023 Four-ticket booklet cost: $137.00

The agency fare for paratransit service is established to cover the full cost of each ride. The ticket pricing per one-way trip is subject to change.

Blue agency tickets are available for purchase by agencies only and are sold in four-ticket booklets. Agencies can contact Metro at for more information about their ticket purchase options.