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Are you looking to make a positive change and improve food access and choice in your community? If so, the City of Madison's Healthy Retail Access Program may be for you!

Click on the document below to answer a few basic questions to see if your business or organization is a good fit for program funding. Application information and Program Officer contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Are You a Good Fit for Healthy Retail Access Program Funding?
Are You a Good Fit for the Healthy Retail Access Program?

The Healthy Retail Access Program was created by the Healthy Retail Access Work Group of the Madison Food Policy Council with the mission of accomplishing the following goals:

  • Increase healthy food access to low-income individuals and families
  • Support food enterprise development and entrepreneurship
  • Increase healthy food choice and improving health outcomes
  • Increase culturally appropriate foods in identified Areas of Focus

Funds are available for healthy retail projects that aim to improve access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate retail within underserved areas. Each project must be located within or directly benefit residents within the priority areas, as defined in the “Food Access Improvement Map – Areas of Focus” (see map).

The city is seeking applications for available funds.


Examples of Eligible Projects*

*This is not an exhaustive list

  • New Store/Store Renovation Example: A budding or existing store-owner can use program funding to purchase a building or provide build-out support for a leased location.
  • SNAP Example: A retailer can use funding to purchase equipment to accept SNAP and to make purchases to increase the depth of stock to adhere to SNAP requirements.
  • Shuttle Example: Funds could be used by a full-service supermarket or an organization partnering with a supermarket to provide low or no-cost transportation (shuttle) between established food retailers and priority neighborhoods.
  • Equipment Example: Funds could be used for physical and equipment improvements for existing food retailers that enhance the ability of small-and medium-sized retailers to gain customers and / or offer high quality produce and other healthy foods.
  • Nontraditional Distribution Example: Funds could be used to cover equipment or initial operations costs for bulk buying clubs, mobile grocers, or other nontraditional grocery vendors serving priority neighborhoods.

Who can apply to the program?

Are you wondering if you're eligible to apply? If you meet the criteria below the Healthy Retail Access Program is for you!

  • Food retailers (e.g. grocery stores, large convenience stores, cooperatives, etc.).
  • Organizations directly partnering with food retailers to coordinate food access projects or provide technical assistance to eligible retailers (e.g. chambers of commerce, retailer groups, 501(c)(3), other non-profits, etc.).


If you would like to apply, please submit your application to Business Development Specialist George Reistad
( The City will accept and consider applications on a rolling basis, based on the availability of funds. Please read the letter to applicants below for more information.

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