Course Description

Imagine a Madison where everyone has access to opportunity and the ability to shape the future of our City, regardless of race, income, gender, or other group status. The City has committed to this vision through the Racial Equity and Social Justice Initiative (RESJI).

RESJI Part 1: What are Racial Equity & Social Justice?

In RESJI 1, Participants will engage in a highly interactive program to discuss the need to establish racial equity and social justice as core principles in the City of Madison.

Participants will be provided with foundational information necessary to understand concepts of racial equity and social justice, including implicit and explicit bias, micro-aggressions, different levels of bias, and steps we can all take to make the City of Madison a place where people from all backgrounds can contribute and thrive.

This course lays the groundwork for RESJI 2: Applying Racial Equity & Social Justice.

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