The City classification process assigns positions to classifications and salary ranges. The classification specification (class spec) outlines general duties performed and the knowledge, skills, abilities, training requirements, and special qualifications necessary to perform those duties. Each classification is allocated to an appropriate salary range. The class spec may describe a broad range of positions that exist within a classification. Each employee should also have a position description which describes the duties of a particular position within the classification.

An accurate position description which describes the essential functions of a position is critical for the following two reasons:

  1. This allows for appropriate classification based on other positions, within the same and other classifications, that have similar duties or levels of responsibility;
  2. This also allows the City to compare its positions with positions of a similar nature, internally, with other public sector employers, and/or with employers in other industries to ensure wages are appropriate.


Supervisors or employees may request a position study to reclassify the position if the current classification does not fairly or accurately outline position duties, compensation and/or qualifications.