Updated 4/15/2021

This page includes information about utility shut-offs, payment plans, and energy assistance. If you need assistance navigating any of these resources, please call the City of Madison’s Financial Resources Hotline at (608) 266-6300 or sign up for an appointment online.

What to know about utility shut-offs

Disconnection is possible if a customer has not paid a bill in full, and if the utility and customer have not reached an agreement on a deferred payment agreement.

  • First possible disconnection date: April 16, 2021.
  • Utilities that wish to disconnect customers must file a disconnection plan with the Public Service Commission
  • More information can be found on the Public Service Commission website.


What to do if you can’t pay your utility bill

First: Contact your Utility Provider

Contact your utility provider to set up a deferred payment plan and check to see if you are eligible for energy assistance. Contact information for utility companies serving Madison are below:

Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E)

MG&E will not charge late fees, send bills to collections or shut off service as long as a payment plan has been arranged. Call or visit their website for more information about setting up a payment plan.

(608) 252-7144
Spanish: (608) 252-7120


Alliant Energy

Call or visit their website for more information about extended payment plans.

1 (800) 255-4268


City of Madison Water Utility

Payment plans are available for both tenants and homeowners who are having trouble paying their water bill. Madison Water Utility never disconnects customers for late payments, and does not turn over customer information to credit bureaus. Ask about a payment plan:

(608) 266-4651
or by email waterbilling@madisonwater.com


Second: Check to see if you qualify for energy assistance through Energy Services, Inc. (ESI)

ESI administers the WHEAP (Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program):

Due to COVID-19, eligibility is now based on the household's previous month of income, rather than the former requirement of the previous three months of income. Household’s previous month’s gross income must be less than 60% of the Wisconsin State median income. Visit the WHEAP website for income guidelines.

If you have already used WHEAP and are facing an energy crisis, you may qualify for emergency support. Call or book an appointment to learn more.

Other information about WHEAP:

  • Applies to heat or electricity payments.
  • WHEAP assistance is a one-time payment.
  • The funding pays a portion of the heating or electricity costs, but the payment is not intended to cover the entire cost of heating or electricity of a residence.
  • In most cases the assistance benefit is paid directly to the household energy supplier.
  • Most types of fuel are eligible to receive assistance. Whether you use wood, propane, natural gas, electricity, or fuel oil.
  • All members of the household must have a Social Security number to qualify for assistance.

.How to apply for WHEAP energy assistance


If you have a dispute or complaint with your utility provider

Public Service Commission

Contact the Public Service Commission (PSC) if you have a dispute that you haven’t been able to settle with your utility. You must first try to resolve your dispute directly with the utility. If you are unsuccessful in resolving your concern directly with the utility, you may contact the PSC. The PSC can help you resolve disputes with utilities regarding electric, natural gas, water service and very limited aspects of local telephone service.

To file a complaint:

  • Call Public Service Commission at 1 (800) 225-7729 or (608) 266-2001,
  • Or File an online complaint at the Public Service Commission’s complaint webpage.
  • Or Send a letter: A Consumer Specialist will review and call you to discuss your concerns.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 7854
Madison, WI 53707-7854