Inspections are a means to identify and eliminate or reduce hazards which might result in life or property loss. Inspections also ensure that fire protection systems, such as sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and kitchen hood extinguishing systems are maintained in good working condition. In the event of a fire, losses will be minimized through early detection and suppression. Code enforcement is a proactive and cost effective approach to community fire protection.

Annually, over 24,000 inspections are conducted by the Madison Fire Department. The Fire Inspection Unit inspects approximately 4,400 properties, with firefighters inspecting an additional 6,800 commercial properties semi-annually. Commercial properties include residential buildings of 3 units or more, as well as retail, factories, warehouses, and office buildings. Certified Fire Code Enforcement Officers and Fire Inspectors coordinate the inspections performed by firefighters by providing technical assistance and serving as liaisons between the firefighters and business owners.

Fire Inspection Areas / Responsibilities Name Phone
West Isthmus, West Central, Village Of Shorewood Hills Paul Graening (608) 267-8608
East Isthmus, East Central, Eastside Public Schools Douglas Milks (608) 261-9847
University Campus Brian Kruser (608) 266-4487
North, Northeast, Tank Plan Review, LPG Amanda Hornung (608) 261-9842
South, Town Of Madison Jen Blair (608) 261-9841
Northwest, Westside Public Schools Amy Lampe (608) 266-5947
East, Southeast Eric Dahl (608) 261-9845
West, Southwest John Kosmatka (608) 261-9840
Lead Worker, Hospitals, South and East sides of Capital Square Scott Strassburg (608) 261-9843
Lead Worker, North and West sides of Capital Square Joe Seifert (608) 261-9846