August 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Tax Information

Please be advised that a retailer making exempt sales to a federal or Wisconsin governmental unit may accept Form S-211 as proof that a sale to the governmental unit is exempt from Wisconsin State, county, and stadium sales and use taxes, and local exposition taxes. This certificate may be accepted in lieu of a purchase order or similar written document identifying the governmental unit as the purchaser per Wisconsin Tax Bulletin 98 - July, 1996. The City of Madison as a municipality is exempt from payment of federal excise taxes (Registration Number 39-73-0411-K) and State of Wisconsin taxes per Wisconsin statute 77.54(9a). Federal Tax ID #39-6005507. A completed Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form S-211 is attached. Our tax exempt # is 008-1020421147-08.

Room Tax

Section 77.54(9a) State of Wisconsin statute exempts Wisconsin municipalities from municipal room tax.

David P. Schmiedicke
Finance Director