April 2022

Dear Prospective Supplier:

The following information is submitted in lieu of a credit application.

Business History

The City of Madison is a municipality of the State of Wisconsin. Today, the City has approximately 2,800 employees and has an overall budget that exceeds $662,000,000 for the fiscal year 2022.

Purchasing Policy

Purchases are executed through Purchase Orders or Purchasing Cards. Purchase Orders are issued only by the Purchasing Department. P-card purchases may be issued by any city agency.

Billing Information

Remit all invoices to:

City of Madison Accounting Division
210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Rm 406
Madison, WI 53703

All invoices must reference the PO number. Invoices for completed orders are normally paid within 30 days of receipt. Do not send invoices to Purchasing or to the shipping address, unless otherwise indicated in special instructions.

Tax Exempt Status Information

The City of Madison as a municipality is exempt from payment of:

  • Federal Excise Tax: Federal Exemption No. 39-73-0411-K
  • WI State sales or use tax: Tax Exempt No. 008-1020421147-08 pursuant to Section 77.54(99) WI Statute
  • Municipal Room Tax: pursuant to Section 77.54(9a) WI Statute
  • Federal Tax ID # 39-6005507
  • Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form S-211

Bank Reference

U.S. Bank
1 South Pinckney St.
Madison, WI 53703
(800) 347-7827

Trade References

Strand Associates Inc.
Shawn Cannon
(608) 251-4843

Lakeside International Trucks
Kathy Paredes
(608) 246-5860

Performance Elevator Consulting LLC
Paul Rosenberg
(262) 242-3077


David Schmiedicke
Finance Director