Last Updated: 11/08/2023

Latest Update 

Pleasant View Road remains closed between Greenway Boulevard and Quarry Road until late-December 2023. Access will be maintained to the Pleasant View Road Golf Course via Pleasant View Road traveling from the south. A detour is posted utilizing USH 14, Beltline and Old Sauk Road. 2-way traffic access on Pleasant View Road will be maintained between Old Sauk Road and Greenway Boulevard for local traffic and residents.

Pleasant View Road 2-way traffic from Timber Wolf Trail to the Pleasant View Road Golf Course driveway is driving on the west side of the street while the contractor builds the east side of the street. Construction in this section is still progressing with asphalt, pavement marking, and restoration work. Access to the golf course will remain open from Pleasant View Road.

Blackhawk Road (west of Pleasant View Road) is open to 2-way traffic. Construction in this section is still progressing with asphalt, pavement marking, and restoration work. 

Blackhawk Road from Pleasant View Road to Deming Way is closed until Thanksgiving. Construction in this section is still progressing with asphalt, pavement marking, and restoration work. The marked/signed detour to get around the Blackhawk Rd closure will be as follows:

  • For traffic heading from Deming Way to Pleasant View Rd, head North on Deming Way, Left on Gialamas Way, Left on Greenway Blvd, and back to Pleasant View Rd.

  • For traffic heading from Pleasant View Rd to Deming Way, head North on Pleasant View Rd, Right on Greenway Blvd, Right on Gialamas Way, and back to Deming Way.


Greenway Boulevard at Pleasant View Road is open.

The City of Middleton's path that connects to Pleasant View Road is closed until the contractor completes the new path bridge over the street. The path bridge will be install in spring of 2024.

US 14 at Pleasant View Road and Pleasant View Road to Quarry Road is open. Construction is wrapping up in this area with asphalt placement, pavement marking, traffic signal work, and restoration. This area should be fully completed by the end of November.

The contractor continues to work on storm sewer and street lighting installation throughout the project as well as retaining wall and work between Blackhawk Road and Quarry Road. The retaining wall work will continue through fall and into spring of 2024.

Rock blasting is complete north of the golf course entrance.

Sanitary sewer and water main work throughout the project are complete.

Swallowtail pond earthwork is complete.

Madison Gas & Electric continues to preform work between Greenway Boulevard and Quarry Road to install to gas main facilities.

WisDOT is the project lead for construction. Please send us your comments and questions and we will work with the WisDOT construction inspector to provide answers. Jim Grender from CGC, Inc. has been hired by WisDOT as the construction engineer and his contact information shall you need it is 608-712-0533 or

Project Overview

Pleasant View Road will be reconstructed from Mineral Point Road to US 14 as part of a joint project with the City of Middleton. The proposed project will include reconstruction of the existing roadway as an urban four-lane arterial with new pavement and gravel as well as the addition of curb and gutter, a raised median, new multi-use path/sidewalk in selected areas, storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water main. Other improvements include new retaining walls, street lighting, pavement marking, signing, and storm water detention ponds.

You can now view the Overall Project Exhibit. 

As a result of the October 13, 2021 Public Information Meeting for Swallowtail Pond, the southern path was revised.  The revised exhibit is found below.

Figure showing the proposed grading and normal water surface for Swallowtail Pond.  Graphic also shows the paths to be placed around the pond and its proximity to Pleasant View Road.
Swallowtail Pond Conceptual Layout

Project Limits

Phase 1 – Timber Wolf Trail to US Highway 14

Phase 2 – Mineral Point Road to Timber Wolf Trail

Project Schedule

Construction Phase 1: Fall 2022, spring/summer/fall 2023, spring/early summer 2024

Construction Phase 2: Earliest 2026 (No funding available at this time)

30% Design - Fall 2018

The 30% design for the project is complete. As part of the 30% design, roundabouts were selected by the City of Madison and Middleton at the Elderberry, Blackhawk, Greenway and Quarry intersections with Pleasant View Road. The Old Sauk Road and US 14 intersections with Mineral Point Road will remain signalized intersections. An exhibit showing the proposed street layout can be found here: Pleasant View Plans

60% Design - 2019

The 60% design for Phase 1 of the project is complete. The 60% design for Phase 2 is complete.

75% Design - 2020

The 75% design for Phase 1 of the project is complete. Phase 2 will remain at 60% design until funding becomes available.

90% Design - 2021

The 90% design for Phase 1 of the is complete.

Public Involvement 

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates and times are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

WisDOT, City of Madison, City of Middleton, and the Contractor held a public information meeting from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8, 2023 in the Middleton Public Library located at 7425 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton. The open house format meeting discussed the upcoming improvements, construction schedule, and expected street closures/detours in 2023.

View the March 8, 2023 Public Information Meeting Handout

Oct. 13, 2021 Public Information Meeting Recording

June 28, 2018 Public Information Meeting Handout
June 28, 2018 Public Information Meeting Exhibits
June 28, 2018 Public Information Meeting Roundabout Alternative Exhibit
June 28, 2018 Public Information Meeting Signal Alternative Exhibit

Public Informational Mailer

The project team mailed out a public postcard to inform property owners and residents along and near Pleasant View Road of the proposed roadway design Oct. 27, 2020.
Oct. 27 Proposed Roadway Design Postcard
Overall Project Exhibit

City Meetings, Process 

Transportation Commission: Project introduced Oct. 24, 2018
Transportation Commission: Project approved Nov. 28, 2018
Board of Public Works: Approved Dec, 12, 2018
Common Council: Approved Jan. 8, 2019
Board of Public Works Hearing to Approve Plans, Specifications and Assessments: Sept. 22, 2021
Common Council Public Hearing to Approve Plans, Specifications and Assessments: Oct. 5, 2021