Mineral Point Road

Last Updated: 09/11/2018

Project Description
Mineral Point Road consists of reconstructing the concrete pavement and base course. The project will include spot replacements of the existing curb and gutter and sidewalk. Curb ramps will be replaced at the intersection of Mineral Point Road and Tree Lane/Big Sky Drive and the USH 12 eastbound and westbound off-ramp medians to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act current standards. There will be existing spot replacements of storm sewer inlets along the project corridor. To accommodate bicycles from the eastbound USH 12 on/off ramps to S High Point Road, Mineral Point Road will be widened to provide bike lanes in each direction by reducing the size of the median. Light poles and traffic signal poles impacted by construction activities will be relocated and tied into the existing electrical systems.

Project Limits
USH 12 to S. High Point Road

Project Schedule
Preliminary Design: 2017-2019
Final Design: 2019-2020
Construction: 2021

Public Information Meeting
The City will hold a public involvement meeting in 2019 to discuss the preliminary design. The City will present the preliminary design, answer questions and gather input from property and business owners.