Last Updated: 07/05/2023

Latest Update

July 05, 2023
The final power switch over was completed on 6/24/23. KVA Electric worked with our City Electrician to get the final section of solar panels wired to new service and energized on 7/5/23. Project is substantially complete and now in Closeout phase.

Project Overview

This project will provide new bus maintenance lifts, new building infrastructure including new boilers, a new generator, electric service, water service, water softeners and air compressors. The project also includes remodeling and relocation of the parts room and bathrooms. The project also includes construction of a new driver breakroom, driver training room, driver bathrooms and a new main building entrance. Budget is $8.0 M.

Work includes phasing to allow for continuous owner occupancy and 24-hour operations. This project builds on the Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects completed in 2019 and 2020. The improvement work includes, but is not limited to building infrastructure systems (MEPFP), excavation and concrete work to support new lifts and below grade utilities such as trench drains and sanitary connections, general building construction (walls, windows, painting, ceilings, etc) along with MEPFP systems to support the new and remodeled spaces.

This is the third phase of a 4-phase construction project (totaling $35M+). Over the next 3 years the capital improvement plan for this facility is to design and bid a project each year in the $6-9M range:

More information regarding the "Metro Transit Space Needs Study" can be found at the Metro Bus Barn Study-East Washington Ave. project page.

Visit our Flickr page for project progress photos!

December 22, 2021 progress update: 
The below floor work is taking place for the new bus scissors lifts. It includes ventilation piping, electrical conduit, controls conduit and drainage piping along with a lot of concrete structure. These lifts are going in the location of the former Service Lane before it was relocated in Phase 1 (this is Phase 3). Half the lifts are being installed in this Phase and then the remaining will be installed in the next phase in 2023.  A new water service for the building has also been installed, while keeping the building fully operational (~200 buses each day dispatch out of this facility).
April 07, 2022 progress update:
Existing areas are in process of demolition for the creation of new areas: a break room, main entrance, training room, parts room and a tire shop. Site work is also ramping up, prepping for some new stormwater features and a location for a new gas generator and new/larger MGE transformer. Green Power moved existing solar inverters to accommodate the work in this phase of construction and added another 120 kW to the array this year. Metro will now have 480 kW of solar once it is brought back online later this month.
June 22, 2022 progress update:
The new bus lifts are installed and operational. Metro staff and contractors are working together in the same space as can be seen in the photos on our project Flickr page.  Demolition for the new Parts Room, Break Room, Training Room and Tire Shop is well underway. Underground rough ins and structural work is in process. New floors will be poured at the end of June. The new main entrance is also taking shape.
October 18, 2022 progress update
The project will be substantially complete Nov. 11, 2022. Site work is complete. New bus scissors lifts are complete. The new break room, main entrance, training room, parts room and tire shop are nearly complete. Some minor items will be completed from mid-November through the end of the year and include: Demolition of old generator, demolition of old electrical switchgear, installation of some back ordered A/V components and the interconnection/commissioning of the 120 kW of Solar installed in 2022.
January 09, 2023 progress update:
Metro is now using the new training room and driver lounge. We finally received back ordered electrical equipment so the parts room and dock are currently being finish wired and is due for completion by the end of January.  New Generator testing is also scheduled for end of January. IT will install network switches January 17-20th, 2023 to enable Keyscan and new data ports. Once the new generator is operational the contractor will disconnect the existing generator and prep for removal by owner.
April 03, 2023 progress update:
Metro Phase 3A is in the final stages of completion. The final change order will be presented to BPW on April 19th and project closeout will proceed upon approval. Owner training for Electrical and Security will be the week of April 17th.  Solar connection change over to new electrical service is set for April 26th.

Project Schedule

City User Agency: Metro Transit
Project Status: CONSTRUCTION!

Design and Planning: Q1 2020 to Q1 2021
1st Advertisement of Bid: April 08, 2021 available on Bid Express

Bid Due Date: May 20, 2021
Construction Start Date: Mid to Late July 2021
Expected Completion Date: End of August 2022

"All information regarding dates/times/locations are informational and should be verified with official bidding documents posted on Bid Express."

LEED Goals:  None for phase 3A.  Planning for LEED v4 CI when Admin. area is remodeled

City Process Meetings

Jun. 18, 2021 File #65646

Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8981, Madison Metro Transit Phase 3A - Maintenance and Driver Facility Improvements.

Mar. 08, 2021 File #64120

Approving plans and specifications and authorizing the Board of Public Works to advertise and receive bids for Madison Metro Transit Phase 3A - Maintenance and Driver Facility Improvements

Jan. 27, 2020 File #58743
Resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a competitively selected service contract with Mead and Hunt for architectural and engineering services for the Metro Transit Maintenance Facility (1101 E. Washington Ave) Phased Facility Upgrade. (6th AD)

Exterior rendering of Metro Transit Phase 3A - Maintenance and Driver Facility Improvements

Metro 3A Exterior Rendering