Metro Transit Phase 1 - Service Lane Addition

Last Updated: 07/03/2019

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Updated: July 03, 2019

Added: Follow the Progress on our FLICKR page!

New Metro Wash Bay

The new Metro Wash Bay will provide a small addition to the south side of the Madison Metro Transit Building. This new Wash Bay addition will eliminate the major contributor to vehicle circulation congestion, reduces humidity and temperature problems, and isolates pollution/exhaust fumes as identified in a report posted on Metro Bus Barn Study found here. The main facility can then be reconfigured to provide left-hand turn bus circulation, an increased number of maintenance work bays, isolated spaces for enhanced safety zones for staff, and better space and amenities to the driver dispatch and building support areas for employees. Moving the wash bay out of the work areas will eliminate the major contributor of pollution in the facility. New HVAC systems will also provide separated zones, address negative pressure issues, and provide enhanced ventilation (above code minimums, in line with LEED requirements) to create a healthier environment. This addition/remodeling will provide additional safety features and benefits. More information can be found in the Madison Metro Transit Building – Executive Summary and Recommendations report.

This is the first phase (estimated at ~$6.5M) of a 6-phase construction project (totaling $50M+). Over the next 5 years the capital improvement plan for this facility is to design and bid a project each year in the $7-12M range:

  • 2019 Construction: Phase 1 is the addition of a new service lane addition, totaling ~$6.5M
  • 2020 Construction: Phase 2 is replacement of HVAC, totaling ~$7M
  • 2021 Construction: Phase 3 is remodeling of maintenance bays, including lift replacements, totaling ~$12M
  • 2022 Construction: Phase 4 is remodeling of Admin/Dispatch areas, including new electrical service, totaling ~$9.5M
  • 2023 Construction: Phase 5 is remodeling of bus storage areas, including new lighting and fire suppression, totaling ~$7M
  • 2024 Construction: Phase 6 is exterior improvements, including tuckpointing, metal panels, skylights and sawtooth roof replacement, totaling ~$10M

City User Agency: Metro Transit

Design and Planning: May 2018 to December 2018

1st Advertisement of Bid: January 17, 2019 available on Bid Express

Pre-Bid Building/Site Tour: Thursday, January 31, 2019 2:00 pm at the project site, 1101 E. Washington Ave.

Bid Due Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019

Construction Start Date: April 1, 2019

Expected Completion Date: February 28, 2020

"All information regarding dates/times/locations are informational and should be verified with official bidding documents posted on Bid Express."

Proposed Wash Bay Addition

Metro Phase 1 Service Lane Addn
Metro Phase 1 Service Lane Addn Color

Metro Wash Bay Addn_180509

Project History

March 25, 2019 File #54891
Awarding Public Works Contract No. 8238, Metro Transit - Service Lane Addition - Phase 1

April 17, 2018  File #50922
Resolution authorizing a non-competitive purchase of services contract with Mead and Hunt for professional architectural and engineering services for the design of (2019 - Phase 1) Metro Bus Barn Facility Upgrades.