Langdon Street

Last Updated: 09/15/2017


Langdon St

Project is complete


The proposed project on Langdon St. involves resurfacing the asphalt pavement, installation of new storm sewer, replacement of the sanitary sewer main between Lake St. and Frances St., reconnection of all water services to the newer water main, and terrace improvements between Henry St. and Langdon St.
The replacement of the sanitary sewer main between Lake St. and Frances St. will also include replacement of the sanitary sewer laterals between the main (center of the street) and the curb. There are two existing water mains on Langdon St.; one main is from 1882 and the other from 1984. All properties currently connected to the 1882 water main, will be disconnected and reconnected to the 1984 water main.
The majority of the terraces along Langdon St. have already been improved with exposed aggregate concrete and pedestrian scale lighting. This project will complete what remains of the pedestrian lighting between Henry St. and Carroll St. (the previous project ended at Greek Alley, east of Henry St.), and, sod will be installed in the terraces within this area as opposed to concrete.
The project on Langdon St. will also be coordinated with private utility companies (MG&E, AT&T, Charter, etc.) as they may also perform some work on their facilities during construction.
During construction, the block between Lake St. and Frances St. will be closed in order to complete the sewer main replacement and street resurfacing. The rest of the project is currently being reviewed to determine if a travel lane (one-way only) can remain open during construction. At a minimum, Langdon St. will remain open to residents on Langdon St. or immediately off of Langdon St. (Frances St., Howard Pl, West Lakelawn).
Langdon St. from N. Lake St. to N. Carroll St.
See attachment: Langdon St Plans
Start work around May 15, 2017
Complete work around mid-August 2017
A public informational meeting was held on December 7, 2016 and a link to the presentation is here: 12-7-16 PIM
A public hearing will be held before the Board of Public Works at 5:30pm on January 4, 2017
A public hearing will also be held before the Common Council on January 17, 2017