Gregory St., Knickerbocker St., Sprague St., and Sheldon St.

Last Updated: 11/17/2017

Gregory Street, Knickerbocker Street, Sprague Street and Sheldon Street Reconstruction Assessment District - 2017


Project is complete.

Project Limits:

Gregory St - Baltzell Street to Sheldon Street
Knickerbocker St - Gregory Street to Monroe Street
Sprague St - Gregory Street to Monroe Street
Sheldon St - Fox Avenue to Sprague Street Project Details:
The project includes replacing cub and gutter, pavement,drive aprons, and spot repairs of the sidewalk. Public utility replacement includes sanitary sewer main and laterals, water main and services, and storm sewer. Multiple trees will be removed for various reasons as part of this project. A summary of the affected trees in the project limits can be found here:
Tree Report

Public Meeting:
A public meeting was held on December 1, 2016. The powerpoint presentation and plan from the meeting can be viewed here: