Last Updated: 08/28/2023

Latest Update

8/28/2023 Update:

Construction continues to move forward with the wet detention cells being excavated and stormsewer construction continuing. Anticipated completion by 11/30/23

Project Overview

This project consists of Improvements to the existing East Towne Detention Basin.  This will be done with the addition of two engineered wet detention cells within the existing detention basin limits.  The current detention basin was designed prior to current stormwater requirements and accepts approximately 189.1 acres of fully developed commercial runoff.  The improvements will be designed to improve the treatment of the stormwater for sediment, phosphorus, trash and peak flow.  Along with stormwater improvements, maintenance access for the proposed wet detention cells will added and the constructed areas will be seeded and maintained.


Project Limits

The project is located within an existing detention basin on the east side of Madison.  South of East Springs Drive and East of Zeier Road.

Project Schedule

Design Development: 2022

Construction Bid: January 2023

Construction: March 2023-November 2023

Public Involvement

The City worked with the Friends of Starkweather Creek to get their support for the project.  Letters have been mailed to adjacent landowners to inform them of the project.

City Meetings, Process

Board of Public Works:  10/12/22Common Council: 10/25/22


Letter to residents near East Towne Detention Basin