East Johnson Path (aka STH 113 Corridor), 1st St to 3rd St

Last Updated: 10/07/2015

This small project is a combination of paved multi-use (bicycle / pedestrian) path and widened sidewalk along E Johnson Street from First Street to Third Street. The path from First to Second will lie on property owned by Madison Parks. The route will continue as widened sidewalk from Second to the E Johnson intersection. The upcoming STH 113 project provided the opportunity for this by re-aligning the E Johnson intersection. A path through the wide median between eastbound and westbound Johnson will connect to existing sidewalk continuing the route to Third Street. The improvement addresses a recognized deficiency in the bike network serving the residential area south of E Johnson Street and east of First Street. Johnson Street is not suitable for bikes between First and Third, and parallel streets like Dayton and Mifflin are interrupted by the railroad and Public Works facility.


The total length of the project is 1220 feet, consisting of 740 feet of asphalt path and 480 feet of concrete sidewalk.


Most likely the path project will be constructed in early-2012 to avoid conflict with the STH 113 street reconstruction in 2011 by WisDOT.


The estimated construction cost is $60,000 not including engineering and contingencies.


A neighborhood meeting was held on January 11, 2011. Comments are being evaluated and City is seeking additional input from neighbors. The City is currently surveying and designing the project in order to complete appraisals and property acquisition in 2011.