CCB 4th Floor Remodel

Last Updated: 05/17/2019

CCB (City County Building) 4th Floor Remodel

May 17, 2019: This project is currently on hold pending budget analysis.

The final Preliminary Design Report, dated Dec.12, 2018, for this project identified the following in all departments:

  • Insufficient space was available for 10 year growth in all departments
  • Inefficient utilization of existing spaces
  • Inefficient organization of spaces for team/section cohesiveness and supervision
  • Insufficient internal collaboration spaces for teams/sections.

The final report provided new office layouts for the Attorney, Mayor, and Finance Offices as well as addressing space need issues for the Common Council Office. The new layout will utilize existing corridors, realign internal office organization, and allow up to a 10 year growth for all 4 departments but exceeds the existing allotted construction budget.

The original project scope for the City County Building 4th floor remodeling project is to.

  • Remodel the City Attorney’s office which has had minimal upgrades in the last 30 years
  • Light remodeling in the Mayors Office for general office space needs
  • Light remodeling in the Finance Department to address some security needs as well as general office needs.

Project History:

June 19, 2018 File #51558
Enter into a non-competitive Purchase of Services contract - Architect with Continuum Architects & Planners for the CCB-4th Floor Remodeling