Capitol Square (South Side)

Last Updated: 08/17/2017

UPDATE - The Capitol Square reconstruction project has completed and is now open to all traffic.
Project is complete.

The scope of the project is to replace the concrete pavement and gravel base, replace the curb and gutter, and replace the sanitary sewer and water mains.  Existing water services will be extended and reconnected to the new mains (or to the newer existing main on Carroll St.) and sewer laterals will be replaced up to the building.  Sidewalk will also be replaced as needed, which includes sidewalk replacements on the 100 blocks of East & West Washington Ave.  The overhead lane designation signage around the Square will also be replaced with signage similar to what was installed on the north side except it will remain mounted on the existing poles, but with slightly longer arms than the existing signs.  The existing lane configurations will remain the same following the project.
This project is also being coordinated with MG&E and AT&T.  MG&E will be replacing the gas main and services within the project limits, and MG&E and AT&T will be installing new conduit duct packages to serve future needs in the area.
During construction, a travel lane will remain open around the Capitol Square and the Capitol side parking will remain in use for the majority of the project.  There will eventually be full street closures of Main St. and Pinckney St. in order to install the new pavement, and each street closure  will last approximately 3 weeks. Work on Carroll St. will be phased to maintain access to the Park Hotel.

Until May 1, buses will continue to use Carroll St. and W. Main St. and a temporary bus stop will be set-up on the west side of the 100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  After May 1, buses will be detoured to the outer loop.

South side of the Capitol Square (W. Washington Ave. to E. Washington Ave.) as follows:
S. Carroll St. from W. Washington Ave. to W. Main St.
W. Main St. & E. Main St. from S. Carroll St. to S. Pinckney St.
S. Pinckney St. from E. Main St. to E. Washington Ave.
Includes work through the intersection of S. Hamilton St., S. Carroll St. & W. Main St.
Includes some work on the 100 blocks of East & West Washington Ave.


Start work around March 20, 2017
Project completion by end of July 2017
The project work is being coordinated with several downtown events during the time of this project.
MG&E may start work on their facilities as early as the first week of March

During this project, arrangements will be made so that there will be limited impacts on the major events that will occur around the Capitol Square this spring and summer.  At the time of the events, the area will still be a construction zone, but the measures that will be taken will maintain access  and set-up for the events so that they will still take place in a similar manner to past years.
The first Dane County Farmer’s Market will be on April 15, and once those begin, there will not be any work taking place on Saturdays. Where necessary, temporary cross walks will be set up to ensure safe pedestrian access to the Farmer’s Market.  The City will continue to work with market organizers to coordinate access for vendors.  At times, blocks of the Square may be closed to traffic, but the pedestrian access will remain.  The City has also worked with the food cart vendors that are temporarily relocated due to the construction, and, on Saturdays, these vendors will set up along E. Mifflin St. by closing that block to traffic. 
The first Concert on the Square is planned for Wednesday, June 28.  It is expected that the majority of the work near the King St. corner of the Capitol Square will be completed by that date, so the concerts should continue as normally planned.  There will still be work taking place in other locations, but the Contractor will be required to end their work days earlier on those evenings.  Any work remaining near the King St. corner will be completed on days without scheduled concerts.
The Art Fair on the Square will be held over the weekend of July 8-9.  Prior to this event, any areas of the project that do not have permanent pavement or sidewalk installed will be required to be temporarily paved so that the surfaces will be safe for use for the event.  The Contractor will also be required to remove all equipment and material stock piles prior to the event. 
Public Meeting
A public informational meeting was held on February 23, 2017.  Presentation & handout can be found below. 

Future Meetings
Weekly update meetings will be held during construction.  These meetings will be on Tuesdays at 2:00pm in the first floor conference room of the Hovde Building at 122 W. Washington Ave.  The first meeting will be on March 14.